Why do Developers hate Core Data?

Core Data

If you follow my twitter (@kacheflowe) you probably already know that I’m a Core Data nerd. Why?

Core Data tends to be the bane of most developers’ existence. Talk to any group of iOS Developers and mention the words, ‘Core Data’ and wait for the symphony of groans. Core Data is complex. Complex technology always fascinates me (hence why I’m in the industry that I’m in). But more than anything, I’m interested in breaking down Core Data for other developers. 

The irony of Core Data is that—like most things—it’s not so bad once broken down. Certainly there are a great deal of simultaneously moving parts, but once one sits down and takes the time to understand, it’s no more horrific than OpenGL or assembly code.

I’m wrapping up my article on what’s new in Core Data in iOS 9 so look forward to it!


In most developer’s defense, oftentimes the issue isn’t necessarily core data, it’s core data’s interactions with other technologies. The first thing that comes to mind is iCloud. If you really want to learn about how much of a mess that Core Data interacting with iCloud is, check this podcast out: http://www.imore.com/debug-12-icloud-core-data-sync

It’s not only eye-opening, but groan inducing.

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